What to Avoid Packing For a NYC Trip

Packing is something that has to be done, no matter where it is you’re heading off too. However, some items can be better off left at home. You don’t want to find out that these items end up lost or stolen, plus certain items may not be necessary. Don’t be stuck having too much either. It is a quick trip to the city, you shouldn’t have to worry about lugging a bag to the hotel and then back again!


Consider the Weather

If you’re going during the winter, skip those T-shirts and shorts. You want something that is going to keep you warm. NYC is cold and it snows. If you want to stay warm think long sleeves, pants, coat, gloves and scarf. Bundling is a must. Summer is the opposite. It is going to be a sticky warm mess, so making sure you’re comfortable while walking the sidewalks is essential. Always check the weather ahead of time. That way, you can plan for rain or anything else.


Skip Items You Can Grab There

Any items that you’re not going to actually need, but that you might need do not need to come. You can skip these things because chances are, if you need them, they’ll be available for purchase there. NYC is not a third world country, so there is no worry about a shortage of Tylenol for a headache or Tums for a stomach ache. They pretty much have you covered.


Expensive Electronics

If you’re going to enjoy the experience, then bringing along a lot of electronics is not recommended. Not only is this something extra you have to keep your eye on, but you might do some good from keeping unplugged for a bit. Of course, your phone is one of those things that you’ll probably want to bring with you. However, if laptops, iHomes, tablets and so on are not a necessity and you might use them – keep them home!


Expensive Jewelry

Once again, this is another thing you’d have to keep your eye on. Jewelry is easily stolen, even in hotel rooms. You want to skip this headache. if you have rings, necklace or bracelet that you wear every day without taking off or only do for a short period of time, then that is okay. However, if you want a set of jewelry for every occasion then perhaps you might want to consider taking them away for the trip.