Avoid Being a Victim of Scam in NYC

New York City is a hustle and bustle that you might get lost in. Many people fall victim to scams that happen every day, everywhere. Protecting yourself against these scams is the best way to visit. Being aware of your surroundings is also a plus. Stay alert, keep your hands and feet inside the moving tour at all time! But seriously, keep these tips in mind when avoiding a scam.


Stay Away From Street Sellers

Fake products being sold on the streets is common throughout NYC. They will call you into them, tell you they will give you a deal then sell you a fake product for a very high price. Don’t feel bad for the people selling the items. You don’t want them. Shop for items in department stores and boutiques instead.


Keep Your Money and Cards Close

Pickpocketing is actually a thing, not just seen in movies. It happens to so many people all the time. When you keep your cash and cards in your pockets, you’re less likely to get bothered. Having it slipping out or in an open purse welcomes pickpockets to you. Don’t let someone grab your cash or your information when you’re not paying attention.


Don’t Give Anyone Anything

Nicely dressed people begging for help is a common scam that happens. They might tell you they need money to get back home or for another reason. They just want to make cash and not actually purchase a ticket. Think about it. If you were stranded somewhere, would you ask everyone for money to get back? Probably not. You’d probably call someone you know to come out and help.


Don’t Pay Attention to the Over Friendly Dog

Pickpockets like to distract those that they want to steal from by using overly friendly dogs or even having someone ask for directions. When you fall victim to this, it can mean that your items are being stolen. They’re so good at it that you won’t even notice until you get to the area that you’re going. Skip being friendly or petting the dog, just keep walking.


Joshua Kirkham, New York City – Learn More