Hotels to Avoid in New York City

Avoid-Worthy Hotels in NYC

When visiting NYC, you have to choose a hotel that is going to provide you with everything you need. Depending on whether you want something luxurious or something budget-friendly, NYC has many hotels. However, if you want to have all these things where you stay, you might want to stay away from the hotels on this list. These are where nightmares are made, so skip them and head out to something a bit more pleasant.


Hotel Carter

Dubbed New York City’s dirtiest hotel in the area, it is no wonder that this makes it to the top of the list. Though it is a historic place that can be found in the city, it is also not the most pleasant place to stay. It is something out of a scary movie. With a layer of dust on everything, an uncomfortable bed, paper thin walls and so much more; you might want to skip this so-called hotel.


World Hotel

Though so many people say that this hotel is located in hell, it is just not the case. Located in the Skid Row area of the town, it was once a popular place to find cheap pads to crash. Now, it is home to a series of apartments and this ever-so exciting hotel. Not only is it dirty, but the rooms themselves are like closets with no windows and a bed. At least the wifi is pretty steady.


Hotel Alexander

At first glance, you’d think that this is an upscale place to stay. They have pictures of their beautiful decor, comfy beds and posh surroundings. Getting a reputation for having bed bugs, it is definitely not a very cleanly place to lay your head. The service is horrible and if you have an issue, they don’t contact you at all.


La Semana Hotel

Want to make your vacation a little more exciting? Check out the La Semana Hotel. Not only can you feel like you’re in a prison, but matters get worse when you don’t feel particularly safe there. Small rooms, no amenities, bullet proof glass in the reception area; what more could you want? It is not only disgusting with critters and bugs, but it is also unsafe. We must take a pass on this hotel.


Kew Motor Inn

They say that this is an exotic destination and if you’re paying by the hour, it probably is. It is definitely a cliche romantic-like themed hotel. With many of the rooms having strange and different themes such as Egyptian and Waterfall. For a cheap place to call your love nest, this might be it. Soaked with cigarette smoke and regret, book your stay at the Kew Motor Inn.


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