Pitfalls to Avoid in New York City

New York City is full of tourist traps. You don’t want to become victim to many of these pitfalls that happen on a daily basis. This is something to consider before your trip. By finding out ahead of time things to avoid, you will easily be able to enjoy much more from the city and your experience. When it comes to being a NYC tourist, be a smart one and stay away from these common pitfalls that believe it or not, actually happen.


Overpaying for Accommodations

If you’re staying somewhere, but afraid that lesser prices means lesser quality, this is not always true. Look around, read reviews and make sure to look into each one. You might be able to find the same type of room a street over for a lesser price. This is just because a lot of the hotels make you pay for the names of the street, not necessarily the safety of the area. Thats not saying go too cheap.


Advance Reservations are Sometimes a Must

Getting the must and not going through a bust is always good. Some of the more commonly visited or highly sought after places in NYC require a reservation. Don’t show up and think they’ll let you in on good faith. It just won’t happen. Many of the places for reservations include restaurants, hotels and theaters. Don’t be caught showing up without a spot!


Staying in Just Manhattan

Don’t be afraid to explore more of NYC. There is much more to it then Manhattan. Staying in this area also means higher prices on well, just about everything that you want to do. Think about visiting some of the neighboring areas of the city, as well. There is plenty of do and things to see but you need to be able to step out of your comfort zone during your visit.


Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

Coming for just a day is not going to give you enough time. This is because there is too much to do and only a small amount of time to work with. You want to make sure you have enough time to cover all the things you want to do and more. Take your time, sightsee, enjoy the area and more. This is your time away, so why shouldn’t you enjoy it?