Things You Should Not to Do in NYC

There are things you should do and things you shouldn’t. When it comes to visiting NYC, here are some tips for things you probably shouldn’t do during your visit. It is a fast-paced, exciting city to visit, but you also want to make the most of it. Try to refrain from these things while there. Keeping them in mind will ensure that you’re just fine while on your trip.


Go To Famous Food Chains

You can get Subway or McDonald’s anywhere, why get it in NYC? Instead of hitting up those name brand chains, switch it up a bit. Check out some of the finer dining options. How about a small cafe that serves delicious sandwiches. Deli’s unique to NYC will have fresh meat for subs and hamburgers can be purchased from one of the many restaurants.


Empty Subway Car – All To Yourself

Think again! This is New York City! There shouldn’t be empty subway cars showing up at stops. There shouldn’t be people avoiding them like the plague. If you do come across an empty subway car, there is a reason for it. Skip it and wait for the next. There is probably a reason for it being empty. Don’t be the one to find out why.


Stop on a Moving Sidewalk

People will be coming and going along the sidewalk. They may be chatting, on their phones, not paying attention, staring off into space or any combination of those. When you stop in the middle of all this traffic, it halts production. This makes a traffic jam and soon people will be domino-ing over one another. Skip having this happen, just walk to a destination and swoop into it.


Use ATMs Inside Stores

Some stores do not accept certain cards or cards at all. They provide a ‘complimentary’ ATM right inside their store for customers that don’t have cash. However, this is not actually complimentary. Instead, the ATM charges a ridiculous fee of $5-$8 on top of the money you’re taking out and whatever your bank charges. Chances are, there is a perfectly acceptable ATM just a block or two away that won’t charge as much.


Not Visit Outer Boroughs

There are some pretty spectacular sights to see and places to explore outside of the immediate city. Don’t skip them because you don’t think they have what you want. Instead, check them out when you have some time. They’re well worth it.


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